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Our Mission

We recognize that every child is unique and we strive to promote the following qualities in each child:

  • a feeling of confidence and a positive self image

  • intellectual growth (pre-reading, pre-writing, and basic math and science concepts)

  • their curiosity, exploration, and discovery of the world around them

  • listening and language skills - in various structured activities; and by initiating, selecting, and organizing their own play in free time activities

  • good co-ordination of small and large muscles (outdoor as well as indoors)

  • functioning independently

  • positive peer and adult interaction in group situations

  • the fine art of self discipline

  • the ability to express their thoughts and feelings in a manner appropriate to the environment and acceptable to others. By providing a safe environment and a rich variety of activities, we can create a rewarding and valuable learning experience for young children that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Ms Darlene
Ashley Hayden


Happy Days Preschool takes great pride in it's experienced, professional and caring staff who understand and are aware of the need to attend to all aspects of child development. 
Darlene Holt has a BA in Psychology, an Early Childhood Education Certificate, and has been teaching at Happy Days Preschool for more than 35 years. She quickly tunes into children and is able to bring out the best in each child while maintaining a happy, calm atmoshphere.  Darlene has continued to attend conferences and courses so she can offer the best program for the children.


Ashley Hayden has level one certification and has worked at Happy Days for three years.  Ashley  loves children, is patient, can communicate with children on their level, is great at realizing what a child needs to be happy and supports the children in their development of independence in all areas of their life.


"Thank you so much for another wonderful year at Happy Days. The loving, warm, safe and comforting environment you provided will be greatly missed...

Happy Days Preschool Parent



What Parents Say...


"Your school has been a mainstay of our home and family for more than 6 years now. I so admire the environment you have created and the child expertise and understanding you bring to your teaching. It's wonderful to have a teacher that enjoys children, and still studies and learns from them, as well as teaching and caring for them!"

What Kids Say...


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